Low Vision

What is Low Vision?

Low vision is the term used to refer to a visual impairment that is not correctable through surgery, pharmaceuticals, glasses or contact lenses. It is often characterized by partial sight, such as blurred vision, blind spots or tunnel vision, but also includes legal blindness. Low vision can impact people of all ages, but is primarily associated with older adults.

For more information on Low Vision, visit whatislowvision.org.

Who Could Use a Low Vision Evaluation?

  • Anyone who has lost vision due to diabetes, macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinitis pigmentosa or for any other reason.
  • Anyone who has been told “nothing else can be done”.
  • Anyone considered legally blind.

A low vision examination is in order if a comprehensive evaluation has recently been performed and standard types of glasses still seem inadequate to read, see faces, and easily get through your daily tasks.

Assessment will include demonstration and loan of appropriate devices: hand magnifiers, stand magnifiers, high powered spectacle lenses, telescopic lenses, and non-optical devices, such as talking clocks, illumination devices, and writing guides. These evaluations usually run at an hour or more in length.

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