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  • Two year Temple to Temple Eyeglass Warranty
  • Referral Rewards Program
  • Second Pair Discount Program
  • Guaranteed Contact Lens Success Program

Two Year Temple to Temple Eyeglass Warranty

At InSight EyeCare your quality eyewear is warranted for two full years from the date of purchase (certain exclusions apply). We expect they will serve you well with simple, routine care for a couple of reasons as detailed in the following:

The frames available in our office are chosen from a vast array of manufacturers and suppliers and are selected for their quality and style. Quality and durability are not easy to identify at a glance so we have narrowed the field to those frames that have demonstrated durability and to those that have manufacturers who will stand by their products.

In the lens department, we have chosen a similar path to quality lenses and lens treatments supplied by the most respected lens manufacturers. Our collection of lenses are of the finest quality, made by the recognized leaders in their field. Our lens treatments are the hardest, most durable lens surface protections available in the industry.

We would encourage you to please follow the recommended procedures for the care and handling of your eyewear. Regardless, we know any lens (including glass) can scratch or break. Just as any frame could fail during its life. Recognizing these possibilities, we have extended this two year eyeglass warranty as follows:

Frames: If your frame breaks under normal wearing conditions, we will replace or repair them free of charge.

Lenses: Our warranty for replacement of plastic lenses purchased with basic scratch resistant coating will be once in a 12-month period while premium lens treatments (including Crizal no-glare products and TD2) will have a 24-month warranty. Lens replacement will be the original prescription.

This warranty is not intended to cover loss or theft of eyewear, nor will hairline scratches, which have no effect on vision, be a provision for lens replacement.

Referral Rewards Program

The quality of eyecare and eyewear products varies dramatically from one place to another. As long as you are a patient in our practice, we will strive to give you the most comprehensive, individual eye health care and the finest eyewear and contact lens products available. When you share your appreciation of our goods and services with your friends and relatives, we will extend to you our Exclusive Rewards Program. You will save $20.00 on your next product purchase for each referral you make.

It is a great compliment to have our services recommended by our patients and we have established this program to acknowledge and reward those patients who do so. This can add up to substantial savings on your next product purchase. When you refer multiple friends or family members to our practice, the referral credits can continue to accumulate. The more friends you refer, the more money you can save. It’s that easy! (Certain limits do apply)

Second Pair Program

We appreciate your confidence in our quality eye care and eye care products. Be assured your eyewear is the finest quality available. If you are considering prescription sunglasses or a second pair of eyewear for dress, casual, sportswear, computer use, etc… you are entitled to 30% savings on a second pair of prescription eyewear if ordered the same day, or 15% savings if purchased within 90 days of your prescription eyewear purchase. Some exclusions apply.

Contact Lens Success Program

Guaranteed Contact Lens Success Program At InSight EyeCare, we make it even easier to try contacts with the freedom of our Guaranteed Contact Lens Success Program. We carry all the latest in contact lens technology and specialize in the hard to fit patient. And, if you’re not completely successful with your contacts, we’ll refund the cost of your lenses within 3 months. We are dedicated to you having a completely healthy and enjoyable contact lens experience.

How can we help you with contacts?
Dr. Mitchell and Dr. Kesti have had great success fitting even the most difficult contact lenses: Rigid Gas Permeable, Bifocals, Toric lenses for astigmatism and, even Kerataconus. We can change the appearance of your eye color, give you lenses that encompass the latest technology for dry eyes, and more. Our large inventory of contact lenses allows many patients to take home their contact lenses the same day.

What should you know about contacts?
You should not wear contacts if you have an eye infection or inflammation (redness & swelling), eye disease, eye injury, or certain allergic conditions. If you wear contact lenses, it is very important to have annual eye examinations and by Federal Law an exam is required for contact lens prescription renewals. Attend your follow-up appointments with your doctor as recommended and at least once per year. At InSight EyeCare all routine follow-up checks on contacts are without charge between your annual eye examinations. In addition, if you experience any irritation, inflammation, or swelling, call InSight EyeCare and ask to have a same day appointment. The health of your eyes must come first!

What types of contacts can you choose from?
The options available today are very wide. We carry most brands including disposable, rigid gas permeable, toric lenses for astigmatism, bifocals, and kerataconic lenses. We carry extended wear, daily wear, 1-2 week wear, monthly replacement, and more.

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